Tallahassee, FL: Supporters came from around the state to participate in Humane Lobby Day, organized by the Humane Society of the US each spring. It’s a chance for animal lovers to become animal activists, and the HSUS makes it easy with a brief “how-to” session in the morning and in-depth presentations on the status of current legislation. Furthermore, the HSUS organizes the attendees into small groups according to voting district and arranges appointment times for each group to call on their representative and present them with a packet of information on current and proposed legislation. After a pizza lunch, where the small groups get to know each other, we all head over the capital to call on our representative(s).

It’s a fun, easy introduction to lobbying and a great way to keep abreast of legislative activities regarding animal welfare. Plus, you get a chance to meet your state legislators and ask them to vote for legislation that you care about. Best of all, HSUS does all the work up front, so all you have to do is take part in the fun. It really leaves you with a good feeling for having taken personal action about something that that is dear to your heart.