cat-readyHave ready to go:

  • Pet carrier labelled with your name, address, and phone numbers.
  • Pet food, water, bowls, can opener, and spoon.
  • Litter and box, scooper, bags.
  • Collar with rabies and ID tags, harness and/or leash.
  • Chew toy, favorite blanket or toy, brush or other comfort item.

Put in a waterproof box or zip-lock baggie*:

  • Vet business card, vaccination records, microchip information, and rabies vaccination certificates.
  • Current photo of you and your pet together.
  • Medications and instructions for when to give them; special diet and feeding schedules.
  • Your vet’s name and contact information.
  • Pet first aid kit.

*keep this information in a zip-lock baggie always taped to the inside top of the crate. That way it will always be ready to go.