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lia-mazeActivity sheet for kids –

Help Lia get her dog to the vet!


getreadyOn Your Mark, Get Set, Get Supplied!

Character concept: Being organized, which includes having the right supplies to do a job, is part of being a responsible person.
Objective: Students will understand that taking proper care of a pet involves having all the necessary supplies.


KindnessPuzzleKindness Is Never Puzzling
Cut along the dotted lines. Put the puzzle together.
The picture reminds us of something important.


AWayWithWordsA Way With Words

What comes to mind when you hear the word “Beast”? Something hairy and scary? Long ago, that’s what people called animals. As we’ve learned to appreciate animals, our word choices have changed.


pets_are_for_lifeMath: Grades 5 and 6 Objective: To recognize that pet ownership is a commitment for the life of the pet.
Skill: Students will be able to graph the life spans of various animals.



before_you_were_mine-1Before You Were Mine
Grades 3-4 Subject: Language Arts

Students will build empathy while learning basic pet care and responsibilities. Students will review letter writing and perspective. Curriculum Connection
Students will focus on friendly letter writing, perspective, and inference while learning about the responsibility involved in caring for a pet and the role of animal shelters in the community.