Three members of Big Bend DART won scholarships to attend Animal Expo 2015 in New Orleans, and came back with some great information to share from several presentations. In the June meeting of Big Bend DART, Haven Cook gave a presentation on one of the sessions she attended about Founders Syndrome. This is a recognized phenomena whereby an organization eventually suffers because all decisions and policies are made strictly by the organization’s founder or according to the founder’s vision, and it’s easy for small nonprofits like rescues to fall victim to this. The answer is to have decision making rest squarely on a board made up of good variety and number of board members, and for those board members to share responsibilities for managing the organization. We also heard about a great presentation called “Tips and Tools For ACOs” and a thought-provoking session on disaster response actually being “no response at all.” But obviously, nationwide our citizens are not as well prepared for disasters as we’d like them to be; for the foreseeable future, there will always be a response required to disasters.

Laura Bevan also gave us a visual tour of the new Louisana SPCA facility, a 40,000 square foot facility incorporating all the latest trends in adoptions facilities and community care.